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Yoga for the Pelvic floor L 1

Deep awareness and subtile energy

  • 30 minutes
  • 7,50 Euro
  • Online

Service Description

Spirituality and movement mother to child. Both root in muladhara chakra. The base of the spine is the place where the kundalini energy rises and it is the place that is part of the core. The pelvic floor plays a major role for a enjoyed life and guided spirituality, movement and sexuality. Body and mind and breath composed with each other provide security, stability, grounding, climaxes, flowing and holding, playfulness, release, surrender, openness and more. The pelvic floor is a central part of the body for human wellbeing. The class is divided into two parts that interlock. Pelvic Floor Yoga Level 1 focuses on depth perception. Preparation for the class - Yoga mat or other comfortable surface - Pillow or rolled up blanket

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