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Work and meditation

Even if it is trendy at the moment like the Silicon Valley Digital Warriors to meditate before starting work, there is also the knowledge behind it that ...

  • ... Meditation makes you more resilient against stress and burnout, because the meditator develops more mindfulness for himself, his needs and limits.

  • ... meditation makes you more susceptible to conflict, because meditation affects your breathing, brain areas and makes you more level-headed.

  • ... a meditation session is more effective than coffee, because coffee causes a short high with a deeper low - and makes you more tired than before. Meditation deeply relaxed, because the brainwave activity decreases, almost like sleeping - only that the meditator is awake.

  • ... meditators find more creative solutions. Otto Scharmer calls this "Prescencing" in Theory U.

  • The meditation can, for example, be a little movement meditation so that the body is loosened up again.

  • In Japan every day of school begins with a short meditation that helps children focus on and immerse themselves in the tasks ahead. There may be a flow effect here and there.

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