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SOUL UTIONS. Solutions with a soul.


Are you living your life? Do you love your life?


Do you feel connected to life? Do you feel strong and self-efficacious or powerless from the currents around you? Do you always end up at the same point without noticeable, permanent improvement? Are there any issues where you don't see a way for yourself? Are there any issues where you haven't been able to make a decision for too long? Do you or those around you repeatedly suffer from certain situations and as a result developed difficult, unresolved feelings? Do you have to change something, but it is not clear how and for what purpose? Can't you convey yourself effectively? Do you feel oppressed? Would you like to find your power center again? Is your lifestyle draining you and there is nothing you can do about it? Is your environment collapsing and you don't understand your role in it?


At some point, each of us experiences difficult times or raises existential questions. The classic fields are self-realization and concern oneself, the close relationships and the profession or vocation. Does a disaster have to happen at all and how can we develop a lifestyle and an attitude that make us resilient to crises and transform them into a gift?


Which values ​​do you want to live?

Getting to know you and loving yourself is a personal development that touches our most sensitive points. But it is also a valuable gift. By which we give our lives and it's experiences a new quality. That is called more consciousness.


Living in harmony with soul / psyche - body - mind


Change happens in BODY AND MIND. I accompany you in finding and living your truth. As a coach I support, inspire, encourage, strengthen you. More than that I train new skills with you. In my way of accompanying, the practical support plays a huge part. As a trainer and performer I know how important an authentic embodiment is, to generate another energy field around you. For me, the top priority is to include the body in all change processes. It is the basic framework for change, a place where knowledge is gained and the embodiment of soulution.


"If one can do it, another can do it too!"

We humans have an incomparable gift to create our lives.

This requires the belief that life can be good and the right inspirations.



M ethods are always only tools or paths. For therapies, coaching, art, science, yoga philosophy, they are aids to stimulate the development process and to help people grow into it.


My methods:

  • TriPco / Tri-Power Coaching based on the Oxford Coaching Model®. It is based on Otto Scharmer's U theory. It combines classic systemic coaching techniques with mindfulness-based yoga and presencing techniques: meditation, MBSR, system. Hypnotherapy

  • Body - oriented procedures: body focusing, breathing exercises, passive body work, movement & dance

  • Vibrational methods: singing bowls, healing tones, singing

  • Yoga

  • All meditation techniques

  • The inner team according to Friedemann Schulz von Thun

  • Nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg

  • Relaxation methods: progressive muscle relaxation, body travel, yoga nidra

  • Life Alignment Technique

  • Ancestral work


Love with dignity

Embodied love in relationships

decision making

What is right for me and my environment

Rewrite your Story to heal the past

Wir haben alle eine Geschichte, die wir glauben, doch diese Geschichte neuzuerzählen macht frei.

Coaching zum inneren Kind.

Alte Wunden, die noch brennen

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