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What guides me

The free heart is decisive for my path. I think that is clever, because happiness is healthy, because life memories consist of feelings about events, because only the person himself has responsibility for his heart. I used reason and intuition for this. Especially the most challenging experiences turn out to be the most valuable in retrospect. A lot of heart needs a lot of clarity and self-love to really be insightful. I see life as an ennobling process and a journey to the self.


In the last 22 years of my way , I learned above all the techniques of meditation, yoga, singing and dance, the Far Eastern as well as the Western philosophy, the knowledge of historical, political, social contexts for coaching, in order to understand embodiment and particularly appreciate to reform. Today "Lead me with love" is the inner and outer leadership quality that I want us humans. Everything is inside there - especially the arrival in good being.

  • Personality development

  • Transformative coaching

  • Spirituality & Science

  • Body & mind

  • Intuition & Creativity

  • Love & relationship

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