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About me


I worked in a managerial position in an advertising agency in Vienna, had looked after international global players in the economy, the studies for advertising and sales had been completed when I could no longer sit down. My body required change and the answer to the question: What is your purpose? Who are you? In my mid-twenties I decided to find out exactly that and to live a life to which my inner self says in every moment "Yes!"


I am formed from numerous influences. My international origins and growing up in a place that has little to do with my cultural roots drove me to "go on a journey". The red thread of this journey is the love for the body, dancing my life, to bring the spirit to blossom, to let the gardener rule and to keep nature pure.


Today I see me as a round earth, flower and bridge person, cosmopolitan and artist, philosopher and sighted person.

My mission: Freedom to Love

Caesuras & Nexus

"Because whoever wants to swim has to go to the rivers."

- Isaac Newton

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