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About me

"My mission is...

... I want to support us, womyn, fulfilling our lives, missions. This is a process of scrubbing what does not suit us - and planting seeds of that that we want to live. The Womynist journey is a journey where we have the time to feel what we need to hear. I have seen in many sessions that every womyn has access to her resources when she feels safe, is welcomed and warmheartedly heard. By my lifelong exploration how to heal with instead of without the body, I know about the importance of sensing our deepest needs.


Healing in our needs heals the root. It happens once we know what the stories are that we wanted to hear. We all have a culture, a family that gives us a story, a narrative that is the road map we live our life by. Instead of focusing what we did not have we focus on the wisdon

The womynist journey is an forward looking activity!

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We recommend to get in contact with the Coach / Guide!

Caesuras & Nexus

"Because whoever wants to swim has to go to the rivers."

- Isaac Newton

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