Life & LOVE

Dance to the SELF


We are love in a human body - and we are embedded in a natural and spiritual universe.

We are an energyfield and we live in energyfields. We are personalities and we are biologically developed beings. A healing.

Life is a dance and you are the dancer , said spiritual teacher Author Eckhard Tolle.

Life moves through our bodies. Sign of being alive and a life is the presence of movement. From breath, over heartbeat, bloodflows to visible movement.

I called Soulutions into life for people that long for a soulful life. 

A life that is about:

  • Social heart warmth 

  • Loving respect, mindfulness, care and compassion

  • A flow with each other of harmony 

  • Education of the mind & Perception Sharing

  • Dancing, Music, Talking, Art

  • Being in Spiritual connection,

  • Cosmic intelligence

  • Intuition school

  • Celebrating to to be in a human body and caring for it

  • Entdecken des Mysteriums 

 Soulutions is a platform for body - mind conscious living and for people who see life as a journey home. Reconnection to the self and connection with our spiritual nature. Spirituality, Non - dual living, Art, Dancing, Yoga practice, rediscovery of the mystery, wellbeing with plants, food and animal wisdom. We want to live fully alive and by integrating all that is in our heart, that is the art of Soulutions guidance offers to your journey with Coaching, Yoga, Dance, Nature as resource, new earth ideas and soooo much heART consciousness.


WELCOME and enjoy!

Namasté and Ashe,

Bilonda Zaïra Bukasa

Dancer, Social Artivist, Somatic Coach, Meditations- & Yogateacher, Historian, Nature woman


Coaching Dance Yoga Nature


The art of living lightbeings. 

The Blog. Caring is sharing.

Read the blog with thoughts, short notes and inspirations....

Licht SEIN

Consciousness and mindfulness are a family. When we are conscious we see what is in the light and but we can also perceive the mind is not aware mostly. That what is still or in the shadow. There are ways to clear mind, become clearvoyant and absorb light. But all that clarity is worth nothing if it is not connected to our heart and body. 

             MIND - BODY - HEART 

                       in union.



What you find with Soulutions


  • Yoga has a complete training to clear physical and emotional blockages, the light can enter again and fulfill you.

  • Mindful living Coaching, Inspirations, Practice, Guidance to live from and for LOVE and Earth.

  • Getting 100% comfortable with your own nature

  • Improvisation & Intuitive Dancing to give your body space to talk and to release.

  • Likeminded lightbeings when we travel through in the mystery of life. Getting in touch with mystery reveals a different world that talks to us. Even if the world is highly technologized, we are spiritual beings and cosmic spirit energy works through us. Touching the mystery reconnects us with our sources

  • Coaching in shadowwork is the turn we must take to become our complete whole loving self. Light work moves us to the dark parts that want to be loved.

  • Love is maybe the only reality that exists. Love is the strongest connecting string in the universe. Dropping all that is not love is the way to the heal heart and find deep peace. Selflove is essential to heal ourself, families, communities and the planet.

  • Circles for women. Soulutions Frauenkreis is a regular meeting online. Spaceholder Johanna Beemelmann welcomes you!



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Leaf Pattern Design

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Jorge Bucay

Was Märchen über dich erzählen

White Structure


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Estilat Natura

Aloe Vera and Olive

Roll on

Anti-inflamatory & calming

from Brazil for Euro 20,00


""In einer erstrebenswerten, wahrhaftigen Liebe begenen sich zwei Menschen, die wahrhaftig sie selbst sind, um Raum und Träume miteinander zu teilen

- Jorge Bucay


Ich reflektierte über meine Trennung und möchte noch einmal "Danke" sagen, weil du mich begleitet hast und mir das Just Trust Mantra und vor allem die Animal wisdom Meditationen jede Woche haben mir stark geholfen. dadurch habe ich so viel gelernt: Vor allem mir selber Zeit zu geben, geduldig zu sein und mir zu vertrauen und lieb zu mir zu sein. Ich bin jetzt froh und dankbar hier zu sein und dass ich ich bin. Das wäre ohne Meditationen nichts so. Vielen, vielen Dank.

                                    Johanna B., 


Liebe Bilonda, danke für deine vielfältigen Anregungen, deine geduldige und präzise Mediation, dein akut - punkt - genaues Coaching und überhaupt für dich!!! Bilonda AURORA, You are INDEED A GENIUS!!! YOU are the best Coach ever experienced in my life!!!!!...

                                      Gerhard Leixl

                                      Painter, Prof. der SFU, Wien


Thanks so much for the recordings, for the energy and effort you put into all this. Helped and helps me personally a lot!

                                      Benjamin Zangerl

                                      Sound engineering, Wien 

Bilonda Zaïra Bukasa



At 2005 I found the key for healing in the body and the awareness of the body by our mind. Since that moment of enlightenment, when I was able to see, feel my body from that higher conscious place, I am researching how to weave or unweave what the role of the body in the world is. I research in the fields and with visual and verbal creativity, science, spirituality, bodywork and mindfulness techniques. I have learned from my elders to talk with everything. My father is from the rich African earth of Congo and he showed my how to be intuitive and dance with the spirits. My mother is a western psychologist and she embodies the fundamentals humanistic western psychology. Both were human rights activist and in a deep vibrant love relationship with each other. From that upbringing and with my ancestoral and cultural background I searched for fields that name all that is culturally under taboo to liberate the body from the chains of moral, gender, personal believe systems, cultural expectations and more. My goal is to develop a good relationship with the body and coach others their body-mind-world relationship.  Read more here